Zalo meat is a family-owned Turkish company with four generations of experience in producing and selling
outstanding beef products, enjoyed by thousands of customers nationwide and around the world.

Since 1986, the Zalo family have established a reputation for quality and service in the beef processing industry. The Zalo Meat has one hundred percent commitment to quality and consistency which has been the philosophy of the company since its establishment.

The processing plants are located in Istanbul and Kayseri in Turkey. Also The Cowles , sheep farm located in Turkey with large livestock exportation to worldwide. With best experience, we have operated for years and are the longest running family owned meat processor in the area & exporter in Turkey under the one line of management. Experience in world wide and domestic markets gives us the ability to understand customer requirements in all markets.

Our reliable and highly skilled workforce maintains our reputation for quality products. Staff training at Zalo Meat is a top priority, ensuring skills and passed on to new generations who take pride in the name that stands for an Turkish owned company that believes in producing and selling an outstanding product.

Four generations of experience in the beef industry means Zalo Meat is a trusted name in cattle husbandry, feed lotting and grain feed development. Coupled with a commitment to safety, the environment and compliance to Halal requirements, Zalo Meat is a modern, internationally recognised brand that is shaping the next generation of global beef supply.

Truly a heritage of best Halal beef.