ZALO Farms
Quality Angus, Hereford , Genetics!

Welcome to Zalo Farms 2017 marks our many year in the cattle business. Throughout the past years our focus on quality by the numbers has not waivered – we are proud to be Turkey’s one of the best farm

We are determined to raise high maternal, fault free cattle that possess all of the economic important traits to positively impact our bottom line as well as the bottom line of our customers. We host a performance-tested bull sale in the spring and fall each year and are humbled to have the region’s most progressive cattlemen in attendance adding our bulls to their bull battery. We realize that our success is only due to the success of our customers and therefore we stand committed to producing the “right kind” of genetics.

Our stance on performance is strong – Birth Weights, Weaning Weights, Yearling Weights, Ultrasound, Cow Fertility and Genomic Data all figure into our operation. When selecting a female or a bull from our program you can rest assured of two things; 1) That individual along with multiple generations in the pedigree have all passed many hurdles. 2) Zalo Farms stands behind our product 100% - Unconditional Guaranteed!

Visitors are always welcome to stop by any of our three locations to view first-hand how our program can positively impact your program!

With the experience accumulated from a long period of time and work, our company has successes to be a successful representative of our country in the field of farming. Our company is operating in live animal sector. We supply breeding animals and stock cattle, which show superior features, high efficiency and which have been purged from diseases, through import or domestically. Moreover we also provide animals for slaughtering ( at our facilities) by raising livestock at our facility.

• Angus
• Holstein
• Limousin
• Hereford

• Simental
• Belgium Blue
• Pregnant Heifers
• Heifers
• Bull

• Sheep
• Goat